5 Ways to make your elderly happy

1. Exercise

Yes, exercise is so important to your loved one. Most of the elderly do not wish to exercise and they only want to rest at home watching TV. Simple exercise around 30 minutes a day can keep away from disease, because exercise can improve the blood circulation. If the elderly all the time sit on the chair, may cause skin breakdown and get painful ulcers. Easily move around can avoid this to happen. Exercise can make a person happier instantly and the effects will last quite some time. The Endorphins release from our body to make us feels good.

2. Listen Stories

Each one also have their own stories, but the elderly will have a bunch of stories to share. The elderly will feel emotional stable, if someone could listen his or her story. You may try to make the elderly to talk more on the happiness, smile at them each time the elderly tell their repeated stories over and over again

3. Strong Religions

Spiritual need to be stand strong, example an elderly person that believe in Jesus Christ live happily compare to the person that do not have any religions. If a person get old, the person need to believe that there are a creator of heaven and earth that take care of him or her and their family. Elderly will feel comfortable that the god is taking of him or her all the time.

4. Family Gathering

Elderly like to see his or her family members happily gather during a lunch or dinner. Elderly need to make sure his or her children and grandchildren are safe and happy. He or she would like to see all of the family members laugh and smile all the time. Elderly will be happily to share his or her story again and again, bring joy and laughter to the family.

5. A Simple Trip

Well if an elderly still able to walk, please bring them to a short trip. A simple trip can make an elderly to have relax and beautiful memory in their mind. Do let the beautiful memory stay with the elderly. Do not bring to a shopping place for a trip, would be grateful to have trip at seaside, forest camp and riverside to enjoy the moment with Mother Nature.

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